• Thermax Maxtite MP
Thermax  MAXTITE MP is a single component, polymer modified cement based grey coloured powder.
MAXTITE MP tile adhesive is a high quality adhesive used for the permanent fixing of tiles over smooth surfaces such as existing tiles, ceramic tiles or glass, subjected to damp and tropical conditions and for specialized applications such as tile on tile and tile-on-glass etc.
  •  Polymer modified- Prewetting of tiles not required and hence less prone to cracking of mortar
  •  Single component - ease of application
  •  Non toxic - User friendly application
  •  Excellent adhesion on smooth surfaces
  •  Develops
  •  Non shrink- excellent bond with the substrate
  •  Open wet time of 2 hrs at 30OC
  •  Allows the mason to fix tiles at ease even under hot conditions
  •  Self cure - does not require external curing
  •  Forms a dense and impermeable mortar bed - waterproof

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Thermax Maxtite MP

  • Brand: Thermax
  • Product Code: Maxtite MP
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