• Sikalastic 450 h / i

Sikalastic-450 (I) Premium is a single-component, elastomeric, aliphatic polyurethane based cold liquid applied, high build, waterproof coating system. It cures to form an elastic, seamless, waterproof coating with good crack-bridging properties.


  • Used as a seamless, impervious coating on roofs and concrete structures 
  •  Protective coating in infrastructure projects in civil engineering on nontrafficked areas 
  •  It has excellent adhesion to concrete, brickwork, asphalt, corrugated asbestos, and asbestos cement. 
  •  Can be used for inverted roof structures.

Characteristics / Advantages

  •  Crack-bridging 
  •  Elastomeric – cures with aerial moisture to a flexible and rubbery coating 
  •  Single component – No mixing and weighing at site  Simple application – by airless spray or roller 
  •  Economic 
  •  Root resistant 
  •  Weather and UV resistant 
  • Abrasion resistance 
  •  Hydrolysis resistant 
  •  Resistant to mild acids and chemicals and industrial environment 

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Sikalastic 450 h / i

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  • Product Code: Sikalastic 450
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