• Sika Intraplast EP

Sika Intraplast® EP is an expanding grout admixture for pressure/injection grouting. By introducing into the concrete mix, wet volume expansion and increased fluidity without segregation are produced.


Intraplast® EP is used to increase flow and cohesion in cement grouts (addition of sand is possible) and to develop non-shrink property. This product can be used for grouting of:

  • Pre-stressed cable ducts
  • Rock and soil anchoring
  • Bearing plates
  • Pre-placed aggregates
  • Tunnel linings


Intraplast® EP provides the following beneficial properties:

  • Improved fluidity
  • Increased cohesion
  • Volume expansion in the wet state to develop non-shrink property
  • Chloride free - does not attack reinforcement or prestressed cables

Sika Intraplast EP

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