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Kerapoxy Design
Two-component, anti-acid, decorative, translucent epoxy mortar for grouting glass mosaic, ceramic tiles and stone material, used in combination with MAPEGLITTER for a particularly attractive and high quality finish. It is used for installing and grouting decorative finishes in environments with an high aesthetic value (e.g. showrooms, commercial environments, etc.). Suitable for application on substrates where a semi-transparent finish is required, it also allows the light to filter through (e.g. glass substrates). Installing and grouting floors and walls in showers and bathrooms. Suitable on fibreglass and PVC substrates. Installing and grouting floors and walls in thermal facilities, saunas, Turkish baths, etc.). Installing and grouting in swimming pools, especially recommended for pools containing spa or sea water. Repairing existing degraded grout by removing all loose areas and to a minimum uniform depth of 3 mm.

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Mapei Kerapoxy Design

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