• Kemperol 1K

KEMPEROL® 1K-PUR is a polyurethane-based, cold liquid-applied waterproofing system that can be applied onto a wide range of existing substrates. Ready to use ‘straight from the can’ it gives a professional repair that’s exceptionally durable and long-lasting. A complete waterproofing system comprising surface primer, reinforcement fleece, polyurethane resin and application tools it offers the same performance as 2 or 3-component systems that normally require specialist training and application.

With a long ‘open’ pot life and no mixing required it is ideal for small repairs, those involving protrusions or penetrations and where access is restricted or difficult. It is a remarkably versatile system that can be applied over a wide range of different substrates.

  • Applied straight from the can, no mixing or measuring
  • Exceptionally strong, seamless membrane
  • Permanently bonds to wide range of substrates
  • Elastic - easily withstands movement and expansion.
  • Fully reinforced - excellent tear-resistance and durability
  • Weather resistant after just 30 minutes
  • Suitable for maintenance foot traffic
  • Optional wearing course for regular foot traffic
  • Fully tested and certificated (ETA-03/0043)

Kemperol 1K

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