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      Sikagard 703 W 2C

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Sikagard 703 W 2C is a Silane-Siloxane based water repellent coating.

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  • Imparts water repellency cementitious and stone cladded substrates.„
  • Impregnation for concrete, mortar, brick, stone and masonary surfaces.

  • For exterior application.
  • Two coats to be applied wet on wet conditions
  • Transparent surface treatment.
  • Impregnates into the open poresof the substrate to stop water absorption.
  • Reduces the growth od algae and fungii.
  • Lotus leaf effect.
  • Prolongs life of paint.

1 Pack of 1kg 70gms covers approximately 190-220sq ft for 2 coats depending on the nature and porosity of the substrate and method of application.


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