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Sika WP Shield APP modified Bituminous Polyester reinforced waterproofing membrane manufactured from a rich mixture of bitumen and selected polymers blended together to obtain excellent heat resistant , flexibility , UV resistance . Modified bitumen then coated onto a dimensionally stable carrier to obtain excellent tensile strength, tear and puncture resistance.
    Ideal for waterproofing of:-
  • Medium to large roof slabs
  • Basement and raft slabs
  • Swimming Pools
  • Roof Gardens
  • Underground Car parking
    • Atatic Polypropylene based bituminuous Polyester reinforced membrane system.
    • Requires bitumunous primer before laying of membrane.
    • Easy to fix and lay with gas torch.
    • Overlaps to be provided of min. 100mm
    • Excellent water tightenness and acts as a vapour barrier.
    • High Tensil strength, tear and puncture resistent.
    • Capable of withstanding thermal and structural stresses.
    • Various finishes are P-Plain, PS- Plain Sand and PM- Plain Mineral.
    • Screed required with Sikacim/ Sika Plastocrete Super to protect membrane.
  • Primer 250-300gm/m2 depending on substrate.
  • Membrane - 10sql per roll.
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