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   Sika Tilogrout

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Sika TiloGrout is ready to use coloured cementitious powder containing special ingredients to solve the problems of conventional material

  • Sika Tilogrout- It is a gapfilling material between different walls and floor tiles ceramic,glazed,mosaic,vitrified,glass mosaic and marble tiles etc.¬Ą ¬Ą
  • Sika Epoxy Tilogrout- This is also suitable for haevy duty joint filling applications like industrial floor joint filling etc.

  • ¬†Ready to use, only water to be added
  • ¬†Easy to apply
  • ¬†Watertight
  • ¬†Available in different cotours

  • Siak Tilogrout - 1 kg bag covers 70-80 sq.ft,90-100sq.ft for 3mm joint width.
  • Sika Epoxy Tilogrout - One 1kg bag covers 60-90 sq.ft


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