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Sika Tilofix is a ready to use tile adheshive for fixing wall and the floor tiles.

  • Sika Tilofix- Ready to use tile adheshive for fixing ceramic and mosaic wall and floor tile fixing.„ „
  • Sika TilofixF - Ready to use grey cement based tile adheshive for floor tile fixing.
  • Sika Ceram Grey - It is suitable for fixing vitrified,ceramic and mosaic tiles on wall and floor.
  • Sika Ceram White - It is ideal for fixing vitrified,ceramic ,glass mosaic and marble tiles,tile on tile.

  • Ready to use ,only water to be added
  • Contains special chemical to obtained non-shrink,waterproof and excellent adhesion properties
  • Fast setting and quick strength devolepment
  • Must for fixing tile on the existing tile without removal of old tiles
  • After laying the newly laid floor can be used after 24 hrs

  • Siak Ceram Grey and Ceram Grey-White - One bag of 30kg covers 80-90 sq.ft .
  • Sika Tilofix - One bag of 20 kgs covers 90-100ft
  • Sika TilofixF - One bag of 20 kg covers 90-1000 sq.ft.(depanding on the surface)


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