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      Sika Refix/Anchor 2/Anchor 3+

  • Sika Refix/Anchor 2/Anchor 3+
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Sika Refix and Sika Anchor are high early strength generating anchoring grouts for various anchoring application.
  • Sika Refix - Polymer resin based.
  • Sika Anchor 2 - Epoxy acrylate based.
  • Sika Anchor 3+ - Epoxy resin based.

  • Rebar or bolt fixing into concrete, rock, masonary or brickwork.
  • Fixing staircase balustrates, safety fencing etc.

  • Fast strength developement for all.
  • High bond strength for all.
  • Resists corrosion of bolts and bars in concrete.
  • SAll are non-expansive.
  • Suitable for vertical and overhead applications.
  • Sika Refix is recommended for low to medium loads. It has a potlife of 20 mins.
  • Sika Anchor 2 is recommended for medium high loads.
  • Sika Anchor 3+ is recommended for very high loads (Ultimate load > 75kN, concrete failure) and used in dampconcrete and wooden surfaces.

For an anchor diameter of 10mm, drill hole of 12mm, and depth of 100mm consumption anchoring material is approximately 5ml (including wastage). This is an indicative coverageand should not be used for all practical purposes. Please refer to the most recent product data sheet for further guidelines.


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