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      Sika Hibond/Sika Antisol EWP

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Sika Hibond is a structural bonding agent between old and new concrete.
Sika Antisol EWP is a paraffin based white pigmented curing compound.

Sika Hibond is a structural bonding agentapplied between old and new concrete surfaces during casting of roof slabs, retaining walls, water tanks, coloums, extension of balconies, etc.
Sika Antisol EWP is suitable for curing in residential/commercial projects where speedy construction is desired and water is scarce. „

Sika Hibond
  • Long potlife and open time allows sufficient time for placement of new concrete.
  • Can be applied on moist surfaces also.
  • Once the 2 components of the materials are mixed, the material must be used within its potlife of approx 3hrs.
Sika Antisol EWP
  • Reduces incidence plastic cracking.
  • Ensures membrane curing of surface by preventing loss of water.
  • Minimises shrinkage.
  • Ensures achievement of designed strengths.

Sika Hibond - 1 pack of 600gms covers approximately 17-18sq ft.
Sika Antisol EWP - 0.10 - 0.20 kg/sq.mtr per coat depending on the wind, humidity and temperature.


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