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MYK ASO-JOINT TAPES are incomparable with any waterstopd or any other joint tape to guarantee a long term, watertight seal of joints, connections, pipe penetrations and waterproofing systems. It ensures perfect adhesion with the substrate and the waterproofing material and also with tape overlaps.
  • Resistant to a wide range of chemicals.
  • UV stable − suitable for outdoor applications.
  • Broad service temperature: from -20°C to + 90°C.
  • Preforated edges for enhanced adhesion.
  • Simple and economic extension of rolls – no welding or spark-testing required.
  • Pre-formed junction pieces available.
  • Tailor made pieces are easily prepared on site to accomodate extended and swerving curves as well as intricate details
  • Wet rooms (WC Bathrooms, Shower and Kitchen), below ceramics.
  • Submerged areas and construction joints.
  • Waterprofing of elow grade and floating slabs.
  • Expansion Joint Treatment.
Width 12, 20 and 100 cm (wide version)
Rolls of 10 and 50 m
Boxes of 500 m in total